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Easy Video Suite is a video software that will aid you in making a video for your marketing job. Easy Video Suite was created by a marketing expert Josh Barlett. DanJosh has really taken all the best and create new software that is 100 times better.

Here is what you get when you get when you purchase Easy Video Suite:
1. , Brand new and completely rewritten awesome desktop application that works for both Mac and Windows. It is an application that you can use to not only edit existing video that you may already have but also create a brand spanking new!
2. An online dashboard interface that gives you in-depth stats for all the videos that you have created and published on the web.
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Here are the exact issues that Easy Video Suite is better than previous versions.

First Benefit: You Can Now Make Video
This is one of the most requested features and we can finally record video directly from your webcam directly with Easy Video Suite ...
Once you have recorded a video you want to share with the world you will have the ability to actually cut and edit the parts that you do not want included using the built-in editor that is in Easy Video Suite.

Both Benefits: No Longer Must Convert Video
I can honestly say that this is one of the best features of Easy Video Suite ... You will no longer have to spend hours and hours for the conversion of a tiring day. Now all done automatically in the video suite

Basically once you have recorded your video, Easy Video Suite will turn it into a different shape and ready to be uploaded on the internet.
The only thing you need to worry about is the final video quality settings ... after that easy video suite will take care of the rest

The video quality is literally controlled by a small slider that you drag left and right. So in the future you can be sure that you do not need to waste time or effort to do things that will not benefit you.

Third Benefit: Video Uploading
Believe the fact that Easy Video Suite is really transform your video for you, but it actually took it one step further and allows you to automatically upload your most recent video for the web ...

Fourth Benefit: Video Embedding
it is no longer a problem because when the Easy Video Suite is uploaded you will automatically be given your embed code that you can paste it anywhere you want. Video you will automatically be uploaded to a blank page where you can edit the title , change up the background ... add a buy now button, etc. All work is easy and you do not have to mess with all sorts of code ...
and you see this is just the basic features of Easy Video Suite ....

there are many other amazing features including but not limited to ...
1. Gateway
2. Desktop App
3. Mobile App
4. Video Section
5. Playlist Video
6. Embedded Social Sharing Button
7. Buy the embedded keypad
8. Embedded Optin Form
9. Redirects
10. Video Page
11. Dividing Testing & Tracking

This is the main feature that is included as standard with Easy Video Suite and I really hope you can see how powerful yet simple to use software

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